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Chinook Centre Podiatry (Dr. R. O. Newsom, D.P.M.)

Dr. Newsom moved to Calgary and began his private practice in June of 1977. Before doing so, he received his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) degree in San Francisco in 1974. On completion of this four-year medical/surgical program, he entered into a three-year surgical preceptorship in Southern California. During this time, he was on staff at two of the local hospitals there where he continued office- and hospital-based surgery.

Today, Dr. Newsom’s Calgary podiatric clinic continues to serve the public in a general podiatric foot care capacity. Podiatric services include palliative, orthopedic, and surgical treatments. Palliative foot care is directed to seniors for general foot maintenance. Orthopedic care is based on treating those foot conditions that best respond to supportive therapy using orthotics, splints, strapping, and braces. Surgery is office-based and performed under local anaesthesia. These procedures are limited to the forefoot and may include ingrown nails, warts, injection therapy for heel or nerve pain, soft tissue disorders that may include ganglions, fibromas, and more that will best respond to this form of intervention.

Dr. Newsom is a member of the College of Podiatric Physicians of Alberta and the Canadian Podiatry Medical Association. No doctor referrals are necessary for an appointment at our podiatric clinic in Calgary.

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